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Six Structural Tips to Know before Writing Your Story

Hemingway was an iconic American novelist and taught us brevity and economy of words was important to writing great literary fiction.  In addition to the words you choose, and the words you don’t choose, structure brings form and function to the over … [Read more]

Why did I write “I Remember Me”

Each morning, while on my morning stroll, a succession of  humorous incidents and exciting celebrities kept popping into my mind, things I would have liked to include in my last published memoir, “”. “Hey,” I said to myself, “Who’s stopping you … [Read more]

Immerse Yourself in The Life of a Hollywood Comedic Icon

Carl Reiner is known for adopting emerging technology and media trends, first molding the format of the live comedy program as a performer on “Your Show of Shows.”  Later he pushed the boundaries of standard comedy scripts in the hit TV sitcom, “The … [Read more]

7 Questions Every Writer Should Answer before Penning One Word

To reach maximum potential, authors of fiction must discover who they are and why they write. In many ways, the telling of fictional stories is a performance that can be damaged or destroyed by ill-conceived attitudes about writing. Here are some … [Read more]

Memories That Did Not Make the Cut

After the book went to print, I saw Marlo Thomas being interviewed about St Jude, the wonderful children’s charity her father spearheaded. Three distinct memories flooded back: One was of sitting with my wife at a table at Le Martinique, a night … [Read more]

Importance of Gun Safety

Everyone seems to have a gun these days, and it's more important than ever to have proper protection i.e. using a gun safe. This can be attributed to escalating cases of violence that have … [Read more]