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Peggy Jean Cramer Wins Carl Reiner’s Novel Beginning Writing Contest

Writing a novella is no small undertaking. To write a novella manuscript with a Hollywood icon like Carl Reiner, well, that’s a once in a life time opportunity.  Peggy Cramer’s manuscript, The Devil’s Legacy, was picked from over 1000 … [Read more]

Immerse Yourself in The Life of a Hollywood Comedic Icon

Carl Reiner is known for adopting emerging technology and media trends, first molding the format of the live comedy program as a performer on “Your Show of Shows.”  Later he pushed the boundaries of standard comedy scripts in the hit TV sitcom, … [Read more]

Part 8: On some of the people Carl Reiner worked with over the years

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Part 7: On producing The New Dick Van Dyke Show and legacy of The Dick Van Dyke Show

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Part 6: On The Dick Van Dyke Show and The New Dick Van Dyke Show

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5 Writing Sources You Should Read

There is much online you can read about writing. So much, it could cause you to miss the good stuff. In this post, I want to give some links to useful writing tips: Publish Your Short Stories: 3 Walls That Might Be Hindering You  Creative … [Read more]

Part 5: On “the 2000 Year Old Man”; on The movie The Thrill of it All with Doris Day and James Garner, and on The Dinah Shore Chevy Show

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Follow These Tips to Outline Your Story

An outline is a list of story elements that serve as main points to organize scenes, establish a timeline, track characters, super impose emotional arcs, embed conflict, and other narrative essentials to improve the story. Your goal with an outline … [Read more]

Part 4: On Carl Reiner’s Show of Shows

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Six Structural Tips to Know before Writing Your Story

Hemingway was an iconic American novelist and taught us brevity and economy of words was important to writing great literary fiction.  In addition to the words you choose, and the words you don’t choose, structure brings form and function to the … [Read more]