5 Writing Sources You Should Read

There is much online you can read about writing. So much, it could cause you to miss the good stuff. In this post, I want to give some links to useful writing tips:

  1. Publish Your Short Stories: 3 Walls That Might Be Hindering You 
  2. Creative Writing Tips 32: Find Your Voice
  3. Tips on How to Get Writing Out of the Slush Pile, Jamaica Kincaid Interview, and More
  4. 10 Writing Rules Courtesy of a Few Literary Legends
  5. Essays on Writing (Resource Page)

I welcome your writing tips and resources online for aspiring writers. And don’t forget about my writing contest, Novel Beginnings.



  1. Thanks so much for including LitStack in this list!
    Be blessed,
    TS Tate

  2. Hi. This is Matt from A Link to the Matt. That’s the blog featured in the second link. I just wanted to thank you for featuring my blog. I’m trying to get my name out in the writing world, and every little bit helps. I’m rather proud of my “Creative Writing Tips” series, so it’s good to see it getting shared. Again, I appreciate it. My blog’s home page is http://www.alinktothematt.com if you want to check out more.

  3. I love re-freshers and that’s what this is for me. Also, I hope to find some new tips and information to get the quality into my writing (maybe get a chance to write a Broadway play).

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