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7 Questions Every Writer Should Answer before Penning One Word

To reach maximum potential, authors of fiction must discover who they are and why they write. In many ways, the telling of fictional stories is a performance that can be damaged or destroyed by ill-conceived attitudes about writing.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about writing:

  1.  Do I write to master the skills and concepts of writing as an art form (or do I write stories to explain experienced emotions)?
  2.  Do I strive to tell a creative fictional story based on imagination (or am I writing a memoir or biography)?
  3.  Do I write for creative excellence (or for fame)?
  4.  Do I write to provide meaning through entertainment and enlightenment (or to persuade to some presumption)?
  5.  Do I rewrite to improve my creative story skills (or do I revise to transform my prose into obscure text with an intellectually intense meaning)?
  6.  Do I believe stories are dramatic events for a reader to experience (or written words for the reader to interpret)?
  7.  Do I believe stories are structures whose unity is discovered as reading progresses (or that they are meandering observations described step by step)?

By answering these questions honestly in your own mind, you will adjust your attitude toward writing to create even better work. In later posts, I will follow up with my thoughts on these.